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Radio Broadcasts

Sherita has served as a host, and co-host on several radio and television programs across the nation and abroad, including Los Angeles, CA, Kansas City, MO, Flint, MI, Trinidad and Tobago and others; while also interviewing, coaching and working with some of the top names in the world (pictured above): former President of Mexico Vicente Fox, Actor Anthony Anderson, U.N. Ambassador Byron Blake, Legendary Actress Tippi Hedren, Producer Bill Duke; Oscar Winner Hilary Swank, Comedian Kim Coles, Actor/Comedian Michael Colyar and countless others.

Her most recent show was Drive-Time with Sherita J., broadcasting from RMC Studios http://www.rmconair.com/ in Los Angeles, CA 90019; supported by Filmon (http://www.filmon.com/), the largest independent streaming network in the world with 25 million subscribers and 200 million impressions (90 million domestic).  RMC’s channel averaged 1.5 million impressions (hits), and 1 million sessions; with an email database of 250 million (60 % male and 40 % female).

From any devise, listeners tuned in from any in the world.  The continual broadcast featured contemporary, thought-provoking guests; highlighting individuals and organizations making a difference; discussing noteworthy, exciting topics; and providing tangible strategies that educated, enlightened and empowered her listening and viewing audience (show was internet radio and live-steam).

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