YAYOL -- You Are Your Only Limitation!

Imagine This

IMAGINE This . . .

IMAGINE being adopted at birth!


IMAGINE looking at photos of yourself, from toddler to adult, and not being able to relate your face features to ANYONE!   Though you were raised with a loving family, it still would be nice to know who’s eyes you have; who else has your smile, etc.

being in class after class, and not knowing if the little girl or boy sitting across the isle is your sister, brother, cousin, etc.

Even after having two beautiful girls, and seeing your face in their faces, IMAGINE wondering if they also favor your birth mother, father, grandmother, uncle or aunt; but, oh yeah, you don’t know who they are!

Now, IMAGINE that you find out, after 40 years, that your birth family has lived within 50 miles from where you grew up in Kansas and Missouri! 

IMAGINE being presented with documents that reveal:

1)  That at 18 years old, your birth mother made the hard decision to give you up, though the files reveal she fought for you

you discovered that your mother’s academics were such that she was in school on a scholarship, and though pregnant with you, she had enough credits to graduate early

3)  IMAGINE finding out that sadly, your mother passed away at 34 years old, meaning you can’t meet her

4)  IMAGINE receiving the great news that you have two sisters and a brother that also attended Mt. Pleasant Missionary Baptist Church, the same church you grew up in, meaning you probably were in the same Sunday School class

5)  Now,
IMAGINE speaking with your birth grandmother, aunt, sister and others, and revealing your lives to each other via social media and Facebook.

After working with an agency that specializes in connecting families, since December 12, 2015, all of this has been revealed to our baby sister, Shelene Jenelle Goff-Simmons, thanks to Shelbi Titus Walker.

It’s almost to unbelievable for words . . . it’s truly a blessing!

What’s exciting is that my sister can now meet all of her birth family in March at her ailing grandmother’s birthday celebration in Lee Summit, MO.

Now, IMAGINE being supported by friends, family and strangers that care enough to help complete this new chapter of this journey.

By supporting this life-changing occurrence, you’ll be kept abreast as the story unfolds.


In unity,



YEA!  Jenelle's headed to Kansas City to meet her family!

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